Monday, December 12, 2011

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Seriously annoying

why sometimes kan
when your r
not in the mood
ade org
will annoy u
sooo much?

can't they understand?
kadang2 tu
sgt obvious kalu
they do something
mcm 'like' certain comments
on fb
we will get annoyed by it
but they still did it

fuck la these ppl
kan ak dh emo
i promise myself
to not be such
an emo bitch
but these SOBs
just wont let me live

kalu annoying
mcm oren ni
xpe la gak
sbb lawak
ini x
menyakitkn hati

sori la ye

Sunday, December 4, 2011

I hate U...Seminar!

seminar kene buat byk seyh

where students
presents the topic
given to them

masalah happens
when the tajuk
is super pjg
but we must
present in only
10 minutes!

kalu stakat bace je pon
xkn hbs in 10 min


Friday, December 2, 2011


My lovely combi
Gave birth...again
3 cute kittens
They r cute
And super adorable
But raising them
Is not so cute and adorable
Tp nk buat cmne
Not her fault
Got to embrace this challenge
I guess

Sassy, Steve & Simon ^.^

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Telinga, hidung dan tekak

My current posting
agak bosan

Monday, November 28, 2011

Table for...One~

Mcm ni la
Kalu xde awek
Duk mkn sorg2
Member malas nk ikut

Bon me~

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Meet my tonsils~

A good use of time...i guess

Can't sleep
Its been a month
Severe insomnia
Doc gave me sleeping pills
But seems not working much

thanks To
mocha ice blend
For making me
And to not waste it
Study la kot
Since 2mrw new postings

Oh no
Lets hope she's in good mood
She's a psycho doc
Made students cry
In exams
Cuak seyh

Fighting! @.@ matteo

I seriously need
a new place to hangout
is getting
really boring

But no place like matteo
the food is ok
the location is perfect
the coffee is just amazing
walaupon skit je

And bukannye murah exactly
tiap kali dtg
pecah rs500

I hope they make another
good place
to hangout
and closer to our place

My dear blog...revisiting~

Hey peeps, lame x update
life's been bz
Lots up and downs
More downs i think

But enough about that
Coz thinking how suck
My life is
Makes it even suckier

Now 4th year
Kejap je 3 thn passed by
Like bullet train
And now
Just another 2 years left
To be here
And in this miserable
Medic student life

And after all that went thru
I think i've grown
Into a more mature self
I think so
But of course
Somethings are hard to change
Even if u want to
Because its who u are

Well, thats it i guess
For my 'comeback' post

Later ^.^